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Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive soccer development program in Florida. Whether you are new to competitive soccer, a player who is ready for the next level or are determined to play in college, we will deliver. We have a place for every player. We have placed over 30 players in college programs over the past seven years. But even if you just want to improve your skills and enjoy this game for as long as possible, we can provide this opportunity.  After all, we are just like you.  We simply love the game and what we do. We are TCU. 

You will be part of something bigger than yourself...part of not just a team but an organization.

Your knowledge of the game will improve, along with your skills.  You will become leaders, not only on the field but off.  You will see a side of the game others do not such as strength and conditioning, leadership training and tactical training.

You will build lifelong skills and friends that will stay with you long after you stop actively playing. Your coaching team will always be interested in your life successes, even outside of soccer.

You'll watch players in the program younger than you and see how they are learning to play the same way you are playing now.  

You will be proud to wear our club jersey and once a part of us, you will always be part of our club family.  Pictured above are two of our female graduates, both of whom went to the NCAA Final Four and Elite Eight respectively in the last two years.  They return each year to our club to train and meet with players and staff.

Benefits of a TCU experience

You will train with highly qualified coaches who are themselves under constant evaluation to ensure they the proper fit for each team.

These coaches utilize a structured approach to training, working to develop each player in the areas of how to play, how to process the game adn how to understand your position and how that integrates with other positions around the field.

All of this is under a leadership umbrella where players learn expected behaviors on and off the field. 

Program Cost

Every program, recreational or competitive charges some basic cost. At TCU, your fee will pay for professional training 2-3 times per week.  It also pays for registration, league, entries, administrative, equipment and insurance costs and to help pay for use of fields and lights.

Club Differences

Competitive soccer clubs range from recreational, local level clubs to high level clubs.  

Some clubs have both recreational and competitive programs, while others have one or another.

Coaches come with varying backgrounds, with some clubs utilizing parent coaches, some using coaches who have obtained grass-root level licenses or who have progressed with higher level licenses.  US Soccer coaching pathway starts with Grassroots and progresses from D to the highest national level of A.  International licenses are considered higher such as UEFA level licenses.  Other countries also have license levels similar to the US.

It is important, particularly at ages 14 and above that you ask what experience and license your child's coach has.


We only take the best players  This is untrue.  We have a place for all players and we will develop all players.

We are too expensive

We are transitioning back to County fields in the fall.  This will allow us to reduce fees to make things more affordable to our members. We had already reduced our age 8-12 fees significantly and our registration fee will be reduced in 2023 as well.  However, we will still be offering the best, high intensity training combined with strength training.

We are inflexible

We have heard that some think we are too structured.  That is an attribute we are willing to live with. We teach accountability, attendance, behavior and leadership on and off the field.  So if that's inflexible, then we are. :)  We are fair, we communicate and we are willing to make adjustments if its right for the program.


College Placements

Over 30 players since 2018 have been placed in college soccer programs D1-3 and NAIA

Image by Jonathan Petersson

Tel: 772-233-1123

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