Effective 5/1, FYSA authorizes tryouts to begin for the 2021/2022 season

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Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive soccer development program in Florida. Whether you are new to competitive soccer, a player who is ready for the next level or are determined to play in college, we will deliver. We have a place for every player.
Congrats to Chris Rubiano on his signing with University of Pittsburgh-Johnston
Soccer in Florida


There are after school programs, introductory programs for grassroots development, YMCA programs and package soccer plans.  

Once players reach 6-8 years of age, recreational programs are available for players are seeking to learn the basics but who aren't ready to commit to training 2-3 times a week and playing in out of town leagues.

From age 8 and up, for players who are ready and committed to train 2-3 times per week, commit to a team and play 30-35 games in a 10 month season, competitive programs are available.

It is important that parents realize that not all competitive clubs are created equal.

Club Differences

Competitive soccer clubs range from recreational, local level clubs to high level clubs.  

Some clubs have both recreational and competitive programs, while others have one or another.

Coaches come with varying backgrounds, with some clubs utilizing parent coaches, some using coaches who have obtained grass-root level licenses or who have progressed with higher level licenses.  US Soccer coaching pathway starts with Grassroots and progresses from D to the highest national level of A.  International licenses are considered higher such as UEFA level licenses.  Other countries also have license levels similar to the US.

It is important, particularly at ages 14 and above that you ask what experience and license your child's coach has.

Program Cost

Every program, recreational or competitive charges some basic cost.

At TCU/Massive, your fee will pay for professional training 2-3 times per week.  It also pays for registration, league, entries, administrative, equipment and insurance costs and to help maintain your soccer facility.  

Elite Scholarships available for U8-12

Every player, regardless of need, qualifies for a reduction of $225-350 in fees no questions asked



  • We are too expensive - Our program cost is slightly higher than other similar programs.  However, our cost includes use of a 26 acre private facility, more training due to lack of rainouts, the best equipment, classrooms, weight room/training, leadership training by USMNT staff and a level of innovation unlike any other.  Ask yourself if paying an additional $400 over a 10 month period is worth these incentives.  Then ask other clubs if they offer the same.

  • We only take the best players - This is untrue.  We have a place for all players and we will develop all players.

  • We are inflexible - We have heard that some think we are too structured.  That is an attribute we are willing to live with. We teach accountability, attendance, behavior and leadership on and off the field.  So if that's inflexible, then we are. :)  We are fair, we communicate and we are willing to make adjustments if its right for the program.

What is means to be a Massive player...


You will be part of something bigger than yourself...part of not just a team but an organization.

Your knowledge of the game will improve, along with your skills.  You will become leaders, not only on the field but off.  You will see a side of the game others do not such as strength and conditioning, leadership training and tactical training.

You will build lifelong skills and friends that will stay with you long after you stop actively playing. Your coaching team will always be interested in your life successes, even outside of soccer.

You'll watch players in the program younger than you and see how they are learning to play the same way you are playing now.

You will be proud to wear the club jersey and even when you are gone, you'll always be Massive to us.



21 players since 2018 placed in college soccer programs D1-3 and NAIA

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