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Our teams play in local, regional and state-wide leagues.  We are affiliated with Florida Youth Soccer Association and US Club Soccer.  We believe in providing opportunities to play at the highest level based on the team potential.

Our teams are routinely selected for participation in Sunshine conference, Florida State Premier League as well as Florida Club League, EDP Leagues and local leagues affording the chance to play against the most appropriate clubs based on each team's capabilities.



Our training is conducted by licensed coaches who implement a program specifically designed for each age group.
Each week, coaches participate in a staff meeting that reviews the previous weekend's team performance, the training plan for the coming week and adjustments needed.
Each month, we integrate strength training, leadership training and classroom training into our plan for ALL ages.
Our coaches know every player across all age groups and will periodically work with other age groups.
  • Professional coaching

  • Strength and Conditioning Training

  • Leadership Training

  • Classroom and Video Based Training

  • Parent Education

  • Monthly Team-building for each Team

  • On-Line Training

  • Most Current Training Tools and Equipment

  • Social Events at our private Facility

  • Formal Player Evaluations twice per year

  • Beach Soccer

  • Parent to Staff Meetings

  • Extensive use of social media and technology



Although our focus is not on tournament wins to determine success, we are routinely on the podium at tournaments around the State.  Our reputation as competitive teams has resulted in selections in exclusive tournaments, state level leagues, US regional competition and we take pride in representing the Treasure Coast area in these competitions.  

However, we will not sacrifice player development just for the sake of winning as you might see in other clubs


  • Pro-sized field with lights

  • Classrooms

  • Covered turf field to prevent rainouts

  • Weight room and gym

  • Practice field with two additional fields under construction

  • Walking trails for parents

  • Full service kitchen and concession

  • Gardens

  • Fully covered parent social and waiting area



We have a strong record of player placement in college soccer programs.  If your player has the desire to play collegiately, make sure you ask specific questions when inquiring about a club.  What college coach's do you have relationships with?  What leagues or tournaments does your team play in for exposure?  Most important, how many players have you actually placed in college programs?

  • Our placement record speaks for itself...
  • 21 players placed in Div 1, 2, 3 programs in the past two years
  • Teams routinely ranked in top 20 of the State, two teams achieved FYSA State Quarter finals
  • College Coach to Club contact has resulted in a number of recruiting successes
  • College clinics performed at our facility
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